DellSMC comes in windows and linux version. Linux is .rpm version. To install it on debian system you need to convert it to .deb package.

Download DellSMC and extract it:

  inflating: dell-smclient-16.3.20-31.x86_64.rpm  

Install alien package to convert .rpm into .deb pacakge:

sudo apt install alien

Now do the converstion and after run install:

sudo alien --to-deb dell-smclient-16.3.20-31.x86_64.rpm
sudo dpkg -i dell-smclient_16.3.20-32_amd64.deb

Executable file is installed into /var/lib/dell/bin/ so if you like you can make put it into default path:

sudo ln -s /var/lib/dell/bin/Client /usr/local/bin/dellsmc

I also renamed it so it won't be called 'Client'. Now run dellsmc and you will get login screen: